Barnaby Bright Fights to Break PTSD Stigma on Single “This Is Life”

Photo Courtesy of Barnaby Bright

Photo Courtesy of Barnaby Bright

Even though significant strides have been made to destigmatize mental health issues in society, it often relates to well-known disorders such as anxiety and depression, overlooking lesser-known struggles such as post traumatic stress disorder. In their newest single “This Is Life,” husband-and-wife folk duo Barnaby Bright attempt to break the barrier that alienates those suffering from PTSD, particularly those who have served in U.S. Armed Forces.

The duo recently released a live acoustic video of the single recorded and filmed in Austin, TX, which opens with commentary on the track’s origins set to its first few guitar chords. “You can come home from a battlefield with profound wounds that nobody sees. It just kind of tuned me in to what they are experiencing and how little support there is for it,” explains Nathan Bliss, one half of the Kansas City couple. As opposed to its punchy studio counterpart, this up-close-and-personal live performance allows the emotion and heartbreak of the lyrics to shine, highlighting the duo’s exceptional songwriting skills.

Life after deployment for men and women who serve their nation can be especially challenging, with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ National Center for PTSD reporting that a staggering 11-30% of veterans are affected by the disorder. After watching a documentary about the psychological scars and everyday hardships soldiers face coming home from overseas, Bliss was so struck by the deep emotion behind it that he was compelled to write “This Is Life,” and dedicated it to U.S. veterans and active service members. All proceeds from purchases, streams, and downloads directly benefit Kansas City based Warriors Ascent, an organization which helps aid veterans and first responders in overcoming and healing their trauma.

With two previous albums including 2009’s Wake The Hero and 2012’s The Longest Day, Nathan and Becky Bliss have spent the past several years honing their unique sound of electronically influenced alt-folk and growing a core following. As self-proclaimed “tree-hugging, vegetarian-songwriter types,” a track with the prevalence of political commentary is new territory for the duo, but one they did not shy away from. The forthcoming release of their eponymous record is set to feature more tracks of this caliber, creating musical brushstrokes that paint an unforgettable portrait of life as we know it.

The new album is set to release on June 21st, but until then fans can get their Barnaby Bright fix by attending an upcoming tour date.

Tour Dates:

April 7 - Falls Church, VA Fall Church Episcopal

April 25 - Kansas City Record Bar

Jul 12 - Memphis, TN Folk Y’all Concerts

Jul 13 - Nashville, TN Garden Party Concerts

Jul 14 - Asheville, NC Isis Music Hall

Aug 17 - Cincinnati, OH House Concert

Aug 18 - Chicago, IL Windy City Concerts