The Vaughns Release Vibrant Debut Album, FOMO

Photo Courtesy of The Vaughns

Photo Courtesy of The Vaughns

Everyone has had those “boss doesn’t understand” days at work, a “missed taxi” ride home, and a “left my keys on the counter” realization. It’s easy to slip into the cynical frustrations of life when such events occur, but new album, FOMO, by New Jersey indie band The Vaughns will remind you to shake it off and let loose, with melodic bass lines and vibrant vocals that can even rival Courtney Barnett’s poised, confident tone.

“Shout” is colorful and fills the dark corners of any room, a cheerful tempo that strikes a balance between warm melodies and vintage ‘60s and ‘70s accents. This uniqueness emits strikingly as lead singer Anna Lies waltzes through the music video in a paper crown, pink body suit, and boa, reminiscent of childhood dress up clothes and mismatched outfits. The upbeat theme is carried by bright, chirpy riffs shaped by guitarist David Cacciatore, which tie in a quirky folk and bluesy grain.

About the track, Lies shares, "'Shout' is this last-ditch effort of declaring love, and attempt to keep someone's attention before moving on. Glued together by a pronounced chorus and bright guitars, it showcases some of Dave's tastiest guitar work yet."

Other songs on FOMO will have listeners bopping along, especially “50%,” a college discussion about aching young love in the face of a steady 50% divorce rate in America. The bounce of the beat through the song is strong and ricochets up and down, the emotion heard in not only the singers’ voice, but in every strum of guitar and hit of Ryan Kenter’s drum. On “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” Lies spews about growing up and workplace mundanities, a biting forty second guitar riff closing out the track that is sure to get you through the most monotonous moments in life.

"This album is about the transition period between exiting college, and entering adulthood. We feel that these songs are a step up from our previous material, and could not be happier with how they were captured after spending countless hours in the studio," the band shares.

Inspired by a Veronica Vaughn reference from Billy Madison, The Vaughns met in 2014 through mutual friends and embarked on what would later become a friendship and family. In 2015, they released their second EP, tomfoolery, which was nominated for three Asbury Park Music Awards and featured on MTV web series, Brothers Green. Since then, they’ve opened for Japanese Breakfast, Tor Miller, Laura Stevenson, Aaron Carter, and Bad Bad Hats, and have received national attention from numerous publications.

The Vaughns are currently on a short run of dates, with upcoming stops in New York City on May 23rd and July 10th, followed by XPN Festival in Camden, NJ  on July 27th. Fans on the East Coast will be able to experience the glee radiating from the band firsthand, but for everyone else, be sure to check out The Vaughns on Spotify or Apple Music.

 Track List

1. Learning to Surf

2. Kowabunga

3. 50%

4. Shout

5. Coffee Sundae

6. TV

7. Bring Your Kids To Work Day

8. Santa Cruz

9. Bby Save Me

10. Stiff

11. July 4th