Only High Highs for Lolo Zouaï’s Upcoming Tour, New Video for "Summers In Vegas"

Photo Courtesy of Lolo Zouaï

Photo Courtesy of Lolo Zouaï

While she currently resides in New York City, Lolo Zouaï grew up in San Francisco and was born in Paris, France, the global center for exquisite art, fashion, and culture. The spirit of these locations shines through in her eclectic pop music, where vulnerability and authenticity often converge. Zouaï’s debut 12-track album, titled High Highs to Low Lows, details the ups and downs of her life in a divinely poetic fashion.

Zouaï starts off strong with a self-directed music video for lead single, “Summers in Vegas.” Her voice is mellow and pulses along with the music. The song speaks to Zouaï’s childhood spent in Vegas with her father. The lyrics talk of days gone past, and the video mirrors the feelings of the passage of time. The camera moves blurrily along changing scenery and settings. The grainy view and lens flares accentuate the hazy nostalgic feeling, culminating with a steady beat and dulcet tune. 

“Desert Rose” is defined by a smooth melody, yet the lyrics speak a different story. Although hauntingly beautiful, the words are full of sorrow. Zouaï proclaims, “I got sharp edges, I get defensive. Too lost to care.” The chorus is a call to action, asking an unknown person to hold her like a desert rose. Despite her shortcomings, she calls out for help, craving intimacy. Due to her French heritage, Zouaï also includes vocals in French, which echo the need for tenderness voiced in the rest of the song.

Starting out with a soft voice, “Out of the Bottle” is a self-proclamation of Zouaï not caring about what others think of her. More upbeat and fast paced than several of her other songs, “Out of the Bottle” is reminiscent of Melanie Martinez’s album Cry Baby. Lolo’s voice is strong and demands the spotlight, along with her lyrics calling out, “look at me now.”

Zouaï’s album High Highs to Low Lows was released earlier this year in April. With her debut tour across five countries selling out, Lolo Zouaï is one to see as she heads off on her autumn tour this October. Be sure to catch her as she travels through France, Ireland, Spain, and more.

Tour Dates

10/22 - Tourcoing, FR  |  Le Grand Mix

10/23 - Paris, FR  |  La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

10/24 - Nantes, FR  |  Le Stereolux

10/25 - Lyon, FR  |  Le Sucre

10/26 - Lausanne, CH  |  Le Romandie

10/28 - Clermont Ferrand, FR  |  La Cooperative De Mai

10/29 - Strasbourg, FR  |  La Laiterie

10/30 - Reims, FR  |  La Cartonnerie

11/2 - Dublin, IE  |  The Workman's Club

11/5 - London, UK  |  XOYO

11/6 - Berlin, DE  |  Maze Club

11/8 - Barcelona, ESP  |  Nitsa Club

11/10 - Brussels, BE  |  Botanique

11/11 - Amsterdam, NL  |  Bitterzoet

11/12 - Oslo, NO  |  Jaeger