Our Fathers Share Atmospheric New Single “Space Song”

Photo Courtesy of Our Fathers

Photo Courtesy of Our Fathers

Cool, wispy synths layered with vivid guitar and gauzy, clean vocals make Our Fathers— a rising electropop indie band based out of Chicago— a must-have addition to any playlist bursting with pop favorites. Their new single “Space Song” explores a fresh stratosphere of sound by combining a strong tempo and smooth transitions, beginning with a marching snare that builds to showcase frontwoman Madeline Smith’s glowing voice.

Our Fathers crafts thoughtful chord progressions and catchy, swift vocals on the new track, yet the core meaning behind the song is left open-ended. About the song, Smith explains, “I write lyrics meant to be open to interpretation, however, there is a strong narrative that unfolds and runs parallel to the dynamic of the music. It's a song about wanting something greater while also fearing losing what you already have. The risk of success and the risk of commitment.”

Halfway through “Space Song,” the ambient tune builds yet again, featuring an Explosions In The Sky-esque guitar riff from guitarist Sam Johnson. The sophisticated elements of the track blend together effortlessly, a jam that would likely be played at a faraway intergalactic discotheque in the stars.

Undoubtedly influenced by ‘80s engineering techniques and anthemic guitar solos, the group melds pop and rock in a familiar but modern way. Our Fathers in its infancy started as an idea formed by keyboardist and writer Brandon Suarez, who created a handful of striking pieces but quickly realized he needed a singer to expand his work. At the same time, he was listening to newer bands like Wolf Parade, Wild Beasts, and Animal Collective— all creatively known for their delicate vocals and sprawling guitars.

Soon Suarez found vocalist Smith to collaborate with. The two hit it off and brought in Johnson, who added a distinct rock influence on guitar. The trio worked well together, tweaking and merging each sound and instrument, and found bassist Kyle Arends and drummer Wayne Titus. The result is carefully constructed pop that maintains the ability to reach into and borrow from diverse genres.

Our Fathers has a particular sound that stays within their self-created brand but eagerly navigates fresh territory along the way. In addition to “Space Song,” the group has a self-titled album teeming with creativity. Other standout tracks, both on the album and standing as singles, include “Stevie Nicks,” “Great Dividends,” and “Meet You At The Pool Hall.”

Stay on the lookout for more new singles that up the ante of glitz and glam this summer. Our Fathers’ music is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, and SoundCloud.