Top 11 Rising Bands on the Final Warped Tour

Photo Credit: Sasha Danielle

Photo Credit: Sasha Danielle

For 24 years, Warped Tour has brought 70 bands and artists to our doorstep each and every summer without a pause. From punk to metal, to punk pop and ska, hundreds of thousands of concertgoers have had the opportunity to sing, mosh, and dance, meet their favorite idols, and run around in the hot summer sun – or in Tinley Park’s instance – the rain.

We have seen some of the biggest acts flourish here, including Blink-182, Katy Perry, Paramore, No Doubt, Eminem, and Reel Big Fish. During the same time frame, we’ve had some spectacular inventions make their mark on the world, including seedless watermelon, digital cameras, flat screen TVs, the Prius, Google maps, the iPhone, and oh yeah, wi-fi internet.

With the final cross-country tour coming to an end, we would like to reflect on 11 of the top rising bands on this glorious closing run, and can't help but wonder where they might be 24 years from now. Without further ado, sit back, enjoy, and don't forget to check out their other music.


London’s Tatiana DeMaria, of TAT, has been taking a break from the band she’s been with since she was a teenager, a time when they were playing Warped Tour and opening for giant acts such as The Offspring, NOFX, and Alice Cooper.

She’s back with an upcoming solo EP set for a fall release, and its second single, a ballad called “London Don’t Lie,” is a big change of pace from her pop punk roots. “I wanted to create something that was reflective of what I’ve been through, and I didn’t want to be constrained by any stylistic boundaries,” DeMaria said. The song’s layered vocals, elongated vowels, and emotional lyrics show a different side of Tatiana. She’s excited to be debuting these songs at this year’s Warped Tour, where her US career got its kickstart.

About the tour, Tatiana states, “To have 600 people all together, just getting to know each other—it’s amazing. Every day you go and meet a new band and make new friends, so it’s incredibly unique. I’ll be very sad [when] it comes to an end.”

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Broadside is a pop punk band from Richmond, Virginia, who teamed up with New Found Glory and All Time Low producer Kyle Black to lay down the groundwork for their record, Paradise, released in 2017. One of the more dynamic bands in the pop punk scene, they’ve made our list solely due to their stunning vocals and overall consistency as a band. “Summer Stained” is near perfect and one of the best off Paradise, among others including “Tunnel Vision,” “Puzzle Pieces,” and “Laps Around a Picture Frame.”

Broadside is signed to Victory Records and were listed as one of the 100 Artists You Need To Know in 2015 by Alternative Press. Broadside is Oliver Baxxter (lead vocals), Dorian Cooke (guitar, vocals), and Pat Diaz (bass). Previous music releases include their full-length Old Bones (2015) and their Far From Home EP (2011).

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Australia’s Tonight Alive is back on the 2018 Warped Tour trail. They’re touring on their latest record, Underworld, which came with a change of label. After three albums with Fearless Records in the US, and Sony Music Entertainment Australia back home, they’ve made the switch to Hopeless Records and UNFD.

The album’s first single, “Temple,” is heavily guitar-driven, with lyrics that reflect hard on some inner demons. According to a recent press release, the song was “born out of a time when McDougall was experiencing severe depression and fatigue.” The band’s sound has certainly made changes from their former pop punk style with relationship-oriented songs, to a more metal-influenced and lyrically reflective one.

The change of record label seems to be inspiring a feeling of artistic freedom among the group. Frontwoman, Jenna McDougall, stated “Being with UNFD is really cool because it’s a pretty opposite experience to our previous record, where now people are saying ‘Hey, go and do whatever the hell you want and experiment as much as you possibly can and be weird and don’t question yourself,’ It’s really exciting.”

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Formed in 2010, Like Pacific is a Canadian pop punk band from Toronto, Ontario. Over the past two years, they have picked up quite a bit of speed, supporting bands like State Champs, Good Charlotte, and Trophy Eyes on various tours. New track “Had It Coming” is sure to give you all the feels.

Their 2nd album, In Spite Of Me, was put out via Pure Noise Records last Friday, a full-length record with 10 tracks total. They have four previous EPs: The Worst... (2011), Homebound (2012), This Place Hasn't Changed, It Just Made You (2013), and Like Pacific (2015), including a debut album, Distant Like You Asked, released in February 2016.

Like Pacific is made up of Jordan Black (lead vocals), Greg Hall (rhythm guitar), Luke Holmes (lead guitar), and Taylor Ewart (drums). We can’t wait for these guys to blow up. In the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming tours and purchase In Spite of Me here.

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Makeout was formed by the two remaining members of Trophy Wives, Sam Boxold and Tyler Young. They exited their heavier, darker sound and traded it for the lighter, pop punk genre and signed to Rise Records in 2017. The Good Life launched as their debut album the same year with members Scott Eckel (drums) and Alex Lofton (bass). Outside of “You Can't Blame Me” off the record, you’ll love “Till We're Gone,” “Open Minded,” and “Crazy." Their songs are eerily nostalgic, with hints of early All Time Low and Mayday Parade.

Makeout has played every date of the 2018 Warped Tour.

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Movements’ debut EP, Outgrown Things, takes its name from the first single “Worst Wishes,” in which frontman Patrick Miranda howls, “Hang me in the closet with the rest of your outgrown things.” The song is full of clever, adverse lyrics about losing faith in your ex-lover.

This is their second year on Warped Tour, having signed to Fearless Records in 2015 after playing only a single live show. As influenced as they are by similar post-hardcore, emo-revivalist bands, they’re unquestionably thrilled to share label space and shows with the very bands that inspired them early on.

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If you are a frequent listener of pop punk, there is no doubt you have heard of Knuckle Puck, yet somehow they are still virtually unknown to the rest of the music industry. With growing side projects like Homesafe – now signed to Pure Noise Records – and Rationale., the volume of talent far surpasses the Knuckle Puck arena and has trickled into other genres and audiences.

Knuckle Puck formed in 2010 in the south suburbs of Chicago with vocalist Joe Taylor, lead guitarist Kevin Maida, and drummer John Siorek. Later, they were joined by Nick Casasanto on rhythm guitar and Ryan Rumchaks on bass, and the lineup has stayed solid to this day. Through the years, they have played with bands like The Maine, Senses Fail, Man Overboard, State Champs, and Neck Deep.

Their most recent full-length is Shapeshifter (2017), with their previous record, Copacetic (2015), not far behind. Multiple EPs launched their early career and fan base, including While I Stay Secluded, The Weight That You Buried, Don't Come Home, and Acoustics. They are currently signed to Rise Records.

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Grayscale is a Philadelphia-based pop punk, self-labeled “coffee shop rock” band that started in 2011 when they were only in high school. They released their first EP in 2015, signed to Fearless Records in 2017, and later released their first album, Adornment, the same year.

Now they’re finishing up the final Warped Tour and pulling in millions of listens on their top songs on Spotify. The variation they showcase in their most recent album is astonishing – from softer acoustic songs with romantic music videos like “Forever Yours” to more classic pop punk – all songs are full of feeling.

In a 2017 interview, vocalist Walsh said, “We take our music really seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We don’t have any egos, we just like playing music…” And that is something that comes through, not just in their music but also in their presence on tour.

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Sleep On It are undoubtedly near and dear to our hearts. They are one of the most recent local pop punk bands to break out of the Chicago music scene. They are cool, funny, and super nice. And they write quality, memorable songs, put on a great live show, and are an overall consistent band. They are currently signed to Equal Vision Records, a label that acted as a launching pad for bigger bands like We Came As Romans, Say Anything, Pierce The Veil, and Chiodos.

Sleep On It is Zech Pluister (vocals), TJ Horansky (guitar/vocals), Jake Marquis (guitar/vocals), AJ Khah (bass), and Luka Fischman (drums). They formed in 2012 and unveiled their new frontman, Zech, in 2016. They've shared the stage with Hit The Lights, Transit, and Conditions, and performed on the 2015 Warped Tour and Riot Fest.

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Trash Boat is a melodic hardcore band from St Albans, England. Their grittier style sets them apart from other similar punk bands, vocals raw and emotional, with influences from Rise Against, Thrice, and Blink-182.

In 2015, Trash Boat signed to Hopeless Records and released an EP titled Brainwork, and later supported New Found Glory on a tour through England. Their debut full-length, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through, was released in 2016, followed by a tour with Beartooth in the UK.

The band consists of lead vocalist Tobi Duncan, Dann Bostock (rhythm guitarist), Ryan Hyslop (lead guitarist), James Grayson (bassist), and Oakley Moffatt (drummer).

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Last but not least, #11. Janick Thibault started pop punk band, Story Untold, in 2009, originally under the name Amasic. He wrote and played everything until 2012, when he brought on additional members to fill in the gaps. They signed to Hopeless Records under their new name and released a self-titled EP in 2016, followed by a tour with Simple Plan and Hit the Lights. Since then, they’ve put out a full-length, Waves, and performed on Warped Tour all this summer. Story Untold are from Montreal, Canada.

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