Strange Ranger Release EP, How It All Went By

Photo Credit: Fiona Woodman

Photo Credit: Fiona Woodman

Portland-based, three-piece Strange Ranger have released a new album, titled How It All Went By.

The EP kicks off with “New Hair,” an energetic head-bopper ripe for singing along, bringing to mind feel-good movies from the early 2000s. Although, it isn’t all nostalgia, as the songs that follow reflect a more contemporary indie sound. “The Wires” brings out a slower yet rocky tenderness. The track’s raspy vocals stretch on rhymes and veer towards a whine as the words croon for a lover, or could-be lover, between guitar riffs and rising keyboard notes.

The EP closes out with “Birdies,” an instrumental track with a swaying cadence that comes to a close shortly after the one-minute mark, leaving you with echoes and fading out under cawing birds. In just thirteen minutes and five tracks, the EP shows a versatility not only between it’s own tracks, but from the band’s previous work. Strange Ranger tests their ability to be fun, to be moody, and to be reflective with this new release.

Check out the EP on Bandcamp, Spotify, and more. If you like what you hear, be sure to make it to one of their upcoming shows. Strange Ranger is touring this November.

November 8th

Petshop | Omaha, NE

November 9th

Total Drag | Sioux Falls, SD

November 10th

Hi Watt House | Minneapolis, MN

November 13th

The Mr. Roboto Project | Pittsburgh, PA

November 15th

Tundradome | Philadelphia, PA